Car rental in Tulum

Tulum awaits you for a fantastic holiday full of adventure and so you can make the most of this trip we recommend you choose the car rental in Tulum.

Why rent a car in Tulum?

Tulum is one of the 3 magical towns of Quintana Roo, it has a famous archaeological zone on the shore of the impressive Caribbean Sea, which is one of the five most visited in Mexico. In the surroundings of Tulum there are hundreds of extraordinary sites that are worth visiting, but surely you have already investigated the nearby places you want to visit and only inquire into options to move around in Tulum.

Public transport may be an option, but considering that it is a tourist area, prices may not be as accessible. Imagine that you save much of what you would spend on public transport and use that amount saved for park tickets or continue traveling the destination. Sounds good, doesn't it!?

When you choose the car rental in Tulum you have the freedom to move around the destination smoothly, and traveling in the most comfortable way possible.

Looking for car rental in Tulum with insurance included?

Choose between our three different protections: basic, medium and Premium. The price you will always see published will be that of our base rate + basic protection, with which you already have the necessary insurance to rent cars in Tulum.

If you want to add more protection for your companions or reduce the security deposit you can select the average or Premium rate.

Each price category is designed for the different needs of our travelers.

Are you ready to enjoy your new trip through Tulum? Come to Deal Mobility Rent a Car and enjoy a serious car rental service with fair prices.

Looking for cheap car rentals in Tulum?

Go to our car rental search engine, choose the destination and select the dates of your trip to find fair prices for a rental vehicle. Do not think so much, remember that car rental rates tend to rise as the dates approach, do not miss the opportunity! And book car rental cars in Tulum at cheap prices.

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Book a rental car through a simple and intuitive 4-step process.


The insurance you need to rent cars will already be included in the final price.


You will know the final price for the rental from the beginning as well as the guarantee.


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