Car rental in Tijuana

Tijuana is the most important border city in Mexico, being not only the busiest border in this country; it is also the busiest in the world. If you plan to visit Tijuana to explore the wonders of these Mexican lands, we recommend you consider renting a car in Tijuana to comfortably enjoy that trip through Mexico.

Car rental benefits in Tijuana

Car rental in Tijuana offers great advantages; it allows you to have control of the trip, the road and the time, a valuable resource that can be optimized when car rental is added to the travel formula. And you, would you like to make the most of your trip? Make Deal Mobility Rent a Car your mobility ally and equip yourself with the ideal car model to make possible that trip of Tijuana and its surroundings that you want so much.

Car rental requirements in Tijuana

These are the requirements to rent cars in Tijuana:

At Deal Mobility Rent a Car we accept driver's licenses from the United States, Canada or any country in the world, the only condition is that it must be valid throughout the rental period. Mexican authorities also accept driver's licenses from your country of origin.

Car rental prices in Tijuana

Car rental prices change for many factors, such as destination, dates, and car models. For this reason, we invite you to check our prices using our Tijuana car rental browser, it is easy and simple, you just need to enter the dates and time arrival as well the return of your trip, and our website will be able to show the cars that will be available at the right time that you need.

You can take a look rental car prices as many times as you need, checking the available models and book when you feel ready.

These are our locations in Tijuana, Mexico


Carretera Aeropuerto No. ARR-03 , Col. Nueva Tijuana, C.P. 22435, en la Ciudad de Tijuana, B. C.

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