Car rental in Loreto

Loreto, Baja California Sur awaits you with incredible beach scenes so you can spend a great vacation, full of adventure, adrenaline and relaxation.

To make your trip something extraordinary you can choose the car rental in Loreto to travel with the comfort of riding in a car.

Save time and money by booking a rental car in Loreto with Deal Mobility Rent a Car and drive to those places that you most want to know about this incredible destination, without setbacks and at your own pace.

Advantages of renting a car in Loreto with Deal Mobility Rent a Car

With Deal Mobility Rent a Car you have a vehicle always available to you, with a very fair price and without the mess of surprises charges when picking up the car.

In Deal Mobility Rent a Car we offer you three different levels of protection: basic, medium and Premium. The basic level is the base rate that you see published on our website and if you book with this rate you can be sure that arriving by car will not be charged extra, since this rate includes insurance and taxes.

If you want to travel with greater protection you can choose our medium or Premium rate to add more insurance to your reservation and decrease the amount for the guarantee.

Looking for car rental in Loreto with insurance included?

Trust Deal Mobility Rent a Car Loreto for a pleasant experience, without the mess that other landlords offer with their small fees that hide surprises.

Find a reliable ally with Deal Mobility Rent a Car so that your next trip takes advantage of it and makes the most of a serious car rental company in Loreto, with an easy and fast reservation process.

Rent a car in Loreto, Baja California Sur and start traveling without worrying that surprises arise that disrupt your travel budget.

Looking for cheap car rentals in Loreto?

Go to our car rental search engine, choose the destination and select the dates of your trip to find fair prices for a rental vehicle. Do not think so much, remember that car rental rates tend to rise as the dates approach, do not miss the opportunity! And book car rental cars in Loreto at cheap prices.

These are our locations in Loreto

Why rent with Deal Mobility Rent a Car?


Book a rental car through a simple and intuitive 4-step process.


The insurance you need to rent cars will already be included in the final price.


You will know the final price for the rental from the beginning as well as the guarantee.


This website has the protocols and technology to encrypt and protect your personal data, without advertising or pop ups.

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