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In Mexico City you will find a thousand and one things to do so we are sure that you will need help to optimize your time in the capital of the country. It is for this reason that you can find car rental at the Mexico City airport.

Start touring Reforma to Chapultepec, where we recommend you get out of the car to stroll through this charming park and visit the famous Chapultepec Castle, where the hero children defended the country against the American invaders.

The next day, you can reach the central mall, where you can contemplate the beautiful Art nouveau and Art deco architecture of the Palace of Fine Arts, have a delicious coffee in the surroundings or climb the Latin American tower to get incredible views of the city from Heights.

And what would it be like to travel to Mexico City without visiting the iconic angel of independence? Do not forget to visit this emblematic place and take many photos.

If you are a lover of art, history and science, you will surely want to tour the largest number of museums in this city. If you choose the car rental in Mexico City you will have the perfect ally to go one by one at your own pace and optimizing in time.

One of the advantages of choosing the car rental in Mexico City is that you can move with complete freedom to more distant points, so you make the most of your trip to the capital of the country.

As for what to eat in Mexico City, you will find a very varied gastronomic offer, from its famous and delicious basket tacos, cakes of all kinds of ingredients, to quesadillas that you can order with and without cheese for the moral dilemmas !

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